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Yogi Government Levy a Fine of 21 Lakh on Muslim Rickshaw Puller Over Anti CAA Protest?

Viral Claim-

Recently, a picture of a man standing with a cycle-rickshaw is being widely circulated on social media platforms with the claim that he is Kaleem from Lucknow, who was jailed and fined Rs 21 lakh by the Uttar Pradesh government for bringing anti-CAA protesters to rallies.

What’s the claim about?

Film actor Ajaz Khan tweeted the picture with a caption in Hindi which can be translated to “Kaleem a rickshaw-puller was fined Rs 21 lakh,76 thousand by Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh on the charge of carrying anti-CAA protesters on his rickshaw. When Kaleem failed to pay the recovery, he has been arrested and sent to jail, now BJP CM has adopted such policy against workers as well, be ashamed”.
The picture is going viral with the same claim on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

The truth behind the viral claim-

The claim behind the viral post was found to be misleading. The image of the rickshaw-puller used by Ajaz Khan was found to be in the Article by “The Hindu” on 3 April 2020.

The name of the rickshaw-puller in the picture is not Kaleem but Uttam Kumar Singh who did noble work of ferrying passengers for free during the lockdown in Delhi. The picture is taken outside Moti Nagar metro station, Delhi.

However, the incident described in the viral claim is true. As per The Hindu published on July 4, says that “a rickshaw driver accused of arson and vandalism in last year’s protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act here has become the first person to be re-arrested for failing to pay up the fine — in his case, 21.76 lakh — as recovery for the damage to private and public property”.

The name of the person is Mohammed Kaleem who was accused of violence in Lucknow’s Khadra area on December 19, 2019. Kaleem was out on bail but was arrested again for failing to pay the fine, the article says. Among others, his name was also displayed on hoardings across Lucknow in a bid to “name and shame” the accused.


In conclusion, the viral claim is found to be misleading, false, and distorted. An unrelated image of a rickshaw-puller is being shared to tell a story of an accused of arson and vandalism in last year protests against CAA.


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