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The Central Universities Amendment Bill of 2019

The Central Universities Amendment Bill of 2019 was introduced by the Minister of Human Resource Development Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, it came into effect on July 16, 2019. It was thus mandatory to create these two universities as per the provisions found in Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014.

The Central Universities Amendment bill was enforced for establishing two central universities in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

  1. Central University of Andhra Pradesh
  2. Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh.


The creation of these universities in the state of Andhra Pradesh will significantly improve the quality of Higher Education, it will give advanced opportunities to both teachers and students who want to learn but are not able to afford to go out and study and those who want to share their knowledge and experience with fellow people.

The objective of the Central Tribal University is offer opportunities to the tribal population in the area of higher education so that they can develop their mind, get knowledge about technology, culture, tribal art, and customs.


The Government of India has allotted the total sum of value 902.07 crores. The government has also allotted a sum of Rs 420 crore for the first phase of setting up the Tribal University which will be accomplished at a total allotment of Rs. 836 crore and Rs 450 for setting up the Central University in Andhra Pradesh.

The Government has also emphasized in attaching a high priority to empower the education system in the country. Keeping this objective in mind the budget for education has been increased to Rs 95,000 crore this year from 67,000 crores in 2013-2014.

How this Act will be Beneficial?

1. Provide Higher Education
By the opening of these universities, students will have a chance to access higher education in the same state they live in and it will benefit girls more who for any reason couldn’t go out for higher education.

2. Job Opportunities
It will provide job opportunities to both urban and rural sectors. Teachers, professors will be employed for education. Labours and workers will have work to earn their wages.

3. Awareness
The opening of the Central Tribal University will spread awareness among the tribal and to the neglected art of the society. By educating them about tribal art, customs, new technology, and giving them numerous ways to develop themselves.

4. Engaging youth to make a better India
Education opens the gate for so many things. Educating the youth today will for sure give better results in the future. This is how our country can develop. The youth has a power in it, and by education, they can make full use of it.

The flaws in the Amendment Act of 2019

The Objective of enacting this Act is to educate more and more students so that they can live a quality life and can explore variant things that happen in this world. The work of university or any other teaching place is to educate students, experienced faculty leads the university in a good direction.

1. Appointing Professors
This university can appoint a new assistant or deputy professor but to appoint Actual Professors from different universities, these professors will have to leave the benefits of old pension scheme and why would anyone come to new universities where there is no sharing of benefits.

2. Still, No city is chosen
In the Act, there is nowhere mentioned that in which city of Andhra Pradesh or in which area these universities will be built is yet not decided, despite this fact the Government is saying that these universities will be built in 4 year. How?

3. The question of said Budget?
According to 2018-19 commitment to start the Central university in Andhra Pradesh the allocated budget was 10 crore which was now raised to 13 crores and for the Tribal University the allocated budget was of 20 crores which now was reduced to 8 crores and the government has promised to give these universities the amount of 902 crores where according to the budget calculated they have only 21 crores.
So how in the budget of 21 crores they are promising to build two massive universities?


The decision of making these two universities in the state of Andhra Pradesh will give definitely result in benefitting both the government and the general public. The government needs to look and work upon the flaws on time.


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