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The Union Home Minister Sh. Amit Shah on the occasion of all India police science congress announced his government plan to establish’ Raksha Shakti university’.

These University are planned to be established in the areas of no police universities. Police and security forces are the most important organs to maintain peace and harmony in the society and therefore these police officials must be well trained with professional skills and academic knowledge. In accordance to this Raksha University Bill 2020 was introduced in Lok Shaba on 23rd march, 2020. The bill also focus to upgrade the Rakha Shakti university as an institute of national importance, so that these universities can link with other world-class universities to share academic research, advanced techniques, skills, and knowledge.


Rakha Shakti university is different from other universities and are quite small in numbers. Still adequate environment and uniform opportunities are not provided to the in all universities. The key objective of this bill is to 1. Provide dynamic and high standards of learning and research 2. Proper environment for training and working and research and 3. Promote public safety.

Governing Authorities

The bill proposes comprises of:

a) Governing bodies: the governing body keeps its administration and its working in various universities under its control. the function is similar to the function of the governor of the state.

b) Executive council: is the executive body of the university that will formulate all the principles.

c) Academic council: consists of director-general. Deputy director-general, professionals, directors and researchers, and professors. They shall be responsible for the maintenance of the standard of learning education.

d) Finance council: that maintains all the government funds, transactions, bills, fees, and donations from the government to university and vice versa.

Main Functions

The bill comprises of 8 chapters and 53 clauses that mention various requirements.

a) Establishment of university: the bill seeks to establish new Rakha Shakti universities across the nations and also to upgrade the existing universities from state to central universities.

b) New methods and techniques: to fulfill the need to pool of trained professionals in various wings and advising on matters relating to the duration of courses, conferment of degrees, and admission standard.

c) Policies and statutes: specifying the policies relating to the administration and working of the University and taking related decisions; and making statutes which will specify the establishment, composition, and powers of various authorities of the University, as well as the manner of recognition of an institution by the Executive Council as an affiliated college.

d) Disputes and appeal: any student who has been barred from appearing for the examination for more than one year from the university then the student can appeal from the governing body to look into the matter. Disputes arising out of the contract between an employee and the University may also be referred to a Tribunal of Arbitration.


If the proposed bill comes into force then it has many advantages. Firstly, the university will get world-class exposure from various countries that will be beneficial for the students to learn different skills, techniques, and academic learning of global standards. Secondly, the importance and quality of facilities will improve if the university gets recognition from the state university to central university.

Moreover, students will gain the highest quality leaning of policies which has coastal policing, enforcement, criminal justice, security, cybercrime, and security. the foremost advantage is that even Foreigners, NRIs, Indian origin folks living in Gulf and South Asian countries will register within the university.


a) As way because the definition clause cares, there have been some changes within the sections, because the definition of the words appreciate “Academic Council ” and “Dean”. However, there are many additions to the definition clause as well as terms appreciate “affiliated college”, “distance education system”, “employee”, “Executive Council”, “Fund”, “Pro-Vice-Chancellor” and “Statutes” and “Ordinances”.

b) Within the powers and functions section, additions in powers corresponding to “to offer directions and analysis in such branches of police science together with coastal policing, security, cybersecurity, computer science, cybercrime, risk management, social sciences,”, provisions for distance education and introduction of semester system and continuous analysis.

c) Within the objective section of the new Bill, it’s been another that “working surroundings dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of education, security, enforcement, criminal justice, cybersecurity, cybercrime, AI and connected areas of internal security” which means that it’ll be that specialize in the cybersecurity of the state additionally.


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