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Publish Your Blogs on The Law Express

About TheLawExpress

The Law Express is a platform that provides apropos insights on the current legal happenings around the world. We offer explicit legal news, judgments, legal internship opportunities, and analysis from India and the world. TheLawExpress has been ranked among the top 100 legal blogs by FeedSpot.


Submissions on any legal topic would be accepted.

Word limit: Minimum 1500 words and Maximum 3000 words. Don’t forget all relevant points related to the topic.


The Competition shall be open for both law graduates as well as the students who duly passed enrolled and are pursuing an integrated five-year or three-year law program in India from an institution recognized by the Bar Council of India.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your blog on publish@thelawexpress.com 

In the manuscript’s body, all claims of the author are expected to be backed by reasons along with proper citations and shall not be mere assertions.

The permissible limit of plagiarism is 20%. Only original articles will be considered for the Competition.

Uniform Citation Style – Bluebook [19th or 20th Edition]

All submissions must be made in .doc or .docx format of MS Word.

Easily comprehensible language should be used while avoiding any grammatical errors.

Effective Expression: Sentences should be short and crisp, delivering effective expression in the least number of words.

Cohesive blog structure: The idea must flow in an organized chain of thought.

The blog document must contain the following on the 1st page:

  1. Author’s Name
  2. Name of the University
  3. Year of study
  4. Title of the Blog
  5. Phone number (Whatsapp and Calling)
  6. LinkedIn Profile Link


The blogs meeting the criteria will get published on The Law Express App & Website. The Authors will get a certificate of merit from TheLawExpress.

Contact Details

In case of any queries related to the Blog Submission, please write to us at publish@thelawexpress.com

You can also reach us via WhatsApp at 91-7049382058

Copyright of the Submissions

All the articles submitted shall be the exclusive property of TheLawExpress, and due credits will be given to the writers.

The organizers shall be free to use the information/ views therein in any manner they require and deem fit.


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