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Online Internship Opportunity at JNSS Legal Cell

About the organization

Established in 2014, JNSS Legal Cell is a full-service law firm, specializing in a variety of legal disciplines.

Key Practice Areas: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family and Divorce Law, Consumer and Competition Law, Corporate Law, Cyber Law, Banking Law, Trademark and Copyright Law, Supreme Court Practise, Real Estate, Labour Law, Arbitration, Service Law and Commercial Practise.

About the internship
Due to the present government restrictions imposed across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JNSS Legal Cell is pleased to offer online internships to students pursuing 3 or 5-year LL.B.
Interns will be expected to commit their time and hard work in order to achieve the best out of the internship. The interns are expected to work from home and shall receive a ‘Certificate of Internship’ on successful completion.

Skills required for interns:
• Inter alia Good listening, communication, and analytical skills.
• The intern must have a flair for writing and basic research.
•The intern should be passionate and inquisitive about knowing current events.
• The intern must be able to work in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The interns will be required to:
Research, Connect, Explore, Discover, Analyze, and Collate:
• Challenges faced by businesses post-COVID (all findings to be supported with case studies).
• Types of disputes that the businesses are anticipating post-COVID.
• Preparedness of businesses to tackle the aforementioned disputes.
• Unique steps taken by some of the businesses to adopt the new normal.

•  Interns will be expected to submit the same in a specified time-frame which shall be reviewed by their assigned mentor.
• Internship Performance of each Intern will be assessed on a weekly basis.

Number of Interns Required
10 (Ten)

Minimum 25 days duration. However, the same may be extended if so desired by the Management.

Application Process
Interested candidates are required to mail their CV along with a Statement of Purpose to the email id [email protected] with the Subject: Application for the internship #JNSSlegalcell_InternshipProgramme_3rd_of_2020.


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