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Nepotism: Good or Bad?

Nepotism is the act of using your power or influence to get good jobs or unfair advantages for members of your own family.

Indian upper-class birthright is nepotism and favoritism, it starts from the moment a baby is born in a rich family, to doing everything for him/her to avail the finest education. The biggest dilemma is that some people see nepotism and favoritism as a problem. Connections and good networking which make some kids life comfortable, on the other hand, makes some people suffer, and go through the ordeal.


Politics, Bollywood, business, and other occupations where skills are subordinate to family’s generation. Indian elites have a system where they have reservations for their genes is fine, but not for minority classes. But isn’t cronyism a part of everyone’s life? In some way, yes, it is. 

When an individual has worked hard and spent all their life’s precious moments to make it comfortable then they don’t want their children to face the same. Every field of occupation has nepotism in some or the other way, people want known people to touch the pinnacle. Only a person who is not supported by the family’s power will speak against it due to the circumstances they have faced, and others of their age have not.

A kid is less of an individual and more of the mascot of their family. We are living in an era where people are ahead of their colleagues due to their connections or their parent’s connections. Nepotism is a way of life and politics- just like Rahul Gandhi for the Gandhi family. 

Rahul Gandhi went abroad for his studies, returned to India powerful and with an inherited position, and became general secretary of the congress party at the age of 41. The only qualification he holds is being a son of late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and grandson of late prime minister Indira Gandhi. 

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The same is the case for glamourous world of cinema, where most of the actors who make to the best or high-budget movies are actors or directors’ son, whereas, other people who flock to Mumbai in hope of showcasing their art to the world are given side roles, or threatened. Outsiders start doubting themselves and fall prey to the glamourous world and fast life of Mumbai. Some actors who don’t have any godfather makes it to the top as well, like Anushka Sharma. But in most of the cases, outsiders have to struggle. 

The bone of contention is that is nepotism fair? Shouldn’t parents inherited and hard-earned money make their children’s life comfortable? Perhaps, it’s debatable. 

But indeed, nepotism is unfair as people who have potential are rebuffed, some people handle it and come out as a star, but some who can’t end up by giving their life. Now, is the era when we can raise our voice for any issue, and get a solution for it. Now is the era where news spreads across the world like a wildfire, and there are many ears to listen to you.

We are living in a country where equality is ensured by our Preamble, where equality is respected and valued in all ways. Every individual has a right to be and make their life beautiful, raise your voice to get what you want because sometimes you have to fight for your rights! 

Lastly, a person’s worth shouldn’t be introduced by calling him a product of nepotism. 

Muskan Kukrejahttps://thelawexpress.com
Muskan is a 1st Year B.B.A. LL.B Law Student at Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, NMIMS, Mumbai.


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