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MHA Issues New Guidelines for Unlock 2.0

On Monday Ministry Of Home Affairs MHA has issued guidelines for Unlock Phase II, beginning from July Due to the COVID 19 outbreak social distancing will remain a factor so as, not to increase the cases more, but the ministry has issued certain guidelines to reopen some of the places.

However, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions will remain closed till July 31, and Metro rail, multiplexes, gyms, swimming pools, bars, and auditoriums will stay shut until further orders.

Activities Allowed

  • As educational institutions are still not open, the Online Classes & Distance Learning & Government affiliated Training institutions to operate from 15 July with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • All international flights have been approved by MHA. International air travel has been permitted in a limited manner under the Vande Bharat mission.
  • Movement of people by passenger trains and Shramik special trains; Domestic Flights; Movement of Indians stranded outside & people to travel abroad – All these to be regulated as per SOPs
  • Inter-State and Intra-State movement of persons and goods there will be no restriction, including those for cross land-border trade under Treaties with neighboring countries. No separate permission/ approval/ e-permit will be required for such movements.
  • Maximum 50 people allowed at Marriages & 20 People at Funerals
  • Operation of industrial units, movement of people & goods on National/State Highways, Loading & Unloading of cargo, travel of people to their destinations after getting off from Bus, Train or Flight
  • Depending upon their size and ability to ensure physical distancing, shops can now have more than five persons at a time.

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Activities Not Allowed

  • All Schools, colleges, educational and coaching institutions will remain shut down unless the other notifications from MHA
  • All International Flights
  • All Metro Rail Services
  • Cinema halls, Gyms, Swimming Pools, Theatres, Bars, Assembly halls, Entertainment Parks, Auditoriums, and other similar places.
  • Gatherings – Social, political, religious, academic, sports, entertainment & other large congregations
  • Movement of people prohibited between 10 pm to 5 am across India

These guidelines are to be followed outside containment zones. Apart from this, Wearing of Face Masks is compulsory & Spitting publically is punishable. People should follow Social Distancing norms mandatorily with 6 feet distance at public places.

For Vulnerable persons above the age of 65, people with co-morbidities, pregnant women, and children below the age of 10 are advised to stay at home.


  • “Based on an assessment of the situation, states, and UTs may prohibit certain activities outside the containment zones, or impose restrictions,” guidelines said.
  • Containment Zones will be demarcated by the District authorities after taking into consideration the guidelines of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW) with the objective of effectively breaking the chain of transmission.
  • These Containment Zones will be notified on the website by the respective District Collectors and by the States and UTs and information will be shared with MOHFW.
  • States/ UTs may also identify Buffer Zones outside the containment zones, where new cases are more likely to occur. Within the buffer zones, restrictions, as considered necessary, may be put in place by the District authorities.
  • Activities in the Containment Zones shall be monitored strictly by the State/ UT authorities, and the guidelines relating to containment measures in these zones shall be strictly implemented.

Only essential activities will be allowed in containment zones, with strict perimeter control. “there shall be intensive contact tracing, house-to-house surveillance, and other clinical interventions, as required,” the guidelines say.

The directive issued by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on distancing, wearing of masks and maintenance of hygiene should be followed, the ministry said

In the Containment Zones, there shall be intensive contact tracing, house-to-house surveillance, and other clinical interventions, as required. Guidelines of MoHFW shall be effectively implemented for the above purpose.

What’s allowed in Containment Zones

  • Essential Services & Activities
  • Strict perimeter control shall be maintained
  • State/UT Governments to monitor activities in the Containment Zones

Strict enforcement of the guidelines

(i) State/ UT Governments shall not dilute these guidelines issued under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, in any manner.

(ii) All the District Magistrates shall strictly enforce the above measures.


Several states including

  • Maharashtra extended the lockdown in the state until July 31 and has given the power to municipalities to decide on containment Zone.
  • Tamil Nadu, State Government announced a restricted lockdown in four districts last week.
  • Assam has imposed a 12-hour night curfew and a 14-day complete lockdown in Kamrup (Metro) district from June 28.
  • Among other states, West Bengal and Jharkhand announced that lockdowns will be extended until the end of next month. “Considering the seriousness of the situation, the state government has decided to extend the lockdown till July 31,” Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said in a tweet on Friday.


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