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India Summoned Pakistan for “Abduction and Torture” over Two High Commission Officials 

On Tuesday 15th June, India lodges protest with Pakistan for “abduction, torture” on 2 Indian high-level commission officials Dwimu Brahma and Paul Selvadhas. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) ha claimed that two officials were forcibly abducted and was kept in illegal custody for almost 10 hours.

The MEA in its official statement says that “Two officials of the Indian High Commission were forcibly abducted by Pakistani agencies on 15 June 2020 and kept in illegal custody for more than 10 hours. They were released only after strong intervention by the High Commission of India in Islamabad and the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi”.

But Pakistan claimed that the two commission officials were posted at the mission in 2017 as a non-diplomatic staff and were detained in Islamabad for allegedly hitting pedestrians on the way by their official car in Islamabad.

MEA further said that they were video-graphed and coerced to accept the litany of fictitious allegations and concocted charges. They also said that the vehicle of the High Commission, in which they were traveling, was extensively damaged.

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Islamabad also claims that the senior India diplomat was reminded that possession of fake currency and ‘hit-and-run’ after an incident are serious offenses and such illegal actions and reckless conduct by the officials of the Indian High Commission are against the law and established diplomatic norms.

The Government of India rejects the entity and strongly condemns and deplores the action of the Pakistani authority in this regard.“The attempt by Pakistani authorities to levy false accusations and concocted charges on the officials of the High Commission is rejected in entirety,” declared the official statement

The official statement also reminded Pakistan that their actions not only constitute a violation of Vienna Convention on diplomatic of 1961 which states that If the sending State accredits a head of mission to one or more other States it may establish a diplomatic mission headed by a chargé d’affaires ad interim in each State where the head of mission has not his permanent seat in its Article 5(2) but also of the  ‘Code of Conduct for treatment of Diplomatic / Consular personnel in India and Pakistan signed in 1992 and reaffirmed by both sides in March 2018, but are also against all established norms and practices of diplomatic conduct.

Pakistan concludes its statement by saying that the BJP government must realize that its irresponsible policies and unilateral actions are increasingly imperiling peace and security in the region and India must act responsibly in the interest of regional peace and stability.

MEA says, “Such continued unilateral actions by Pakistan, aimed at escalating tensions, will not succeed in diverting attention from the core issue of Pakistan’s continued hostile activities and sponsorship of cross-border terrorism against India”.


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