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How to Copyright a Website in India


In simple sense, it means protective layer of shed to original work of the individual and give extensive right to the owner to reproduce, distribute and publish their work to the public with reasonable restriction to others for copying, manipulating and modifying the work without the consent of owner i.e. right not to copy the original work. It is also explicitly stated in the Constitution of India which ensures that unauthorized author should not take the advantage of making profit out of other work and protect the right of original worker.

It will be provided in the field of music, art, literature, photography, cinema, website, etc and if anyone copyies the work then he would be liable for civil remedies like injunction, damages, destruction of violating legal proceeding or infringement of copyright, a cognizance offence punishable with 6 months to 3 years with a fine of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 lakh under Copyright Act, 1957 which also give exclusive power to the police officer to register the FIR and arrest the accused without order of magistrate and seized all work of infringement material. The Government of India set up Copyright Office as nodal agency to supervise all the copyright matters. Since, there is no such upper age limit to obtain copyright and thus even minor can apply for copyright for his creative work of originality.

Procedure for obtaining Copyright

The owner can apply for copyright in offline or online mode through following prescribed procedure led down which is as follows:

1. For the approval of offline mode, the applicant has to fill the specific form and send it to copyright department along with the fees. After filing of the application, you will get the diary number and on finding the defect or error in the application, you may remove any objection in the examination department but if your work is copyrighted then your application for error would be rejected.

2. For the approval of online mode, you may file the application through online mode. Yo may have to visit the official website of copyright under http://copyright.gov.in/ by clicking in new registration button. You have to login through your ID.

3. After signup on the website, fill the online application for registration of copyright by providing personal and professional details and kind of work you want to get the copyright for the work and charge fees according to the work profile. After submission of the form, the copyright department would take such notice and respond to the registration within 30 days.
The website refers to interconnected web pages comprises of many elements like picture, words, graphics, video, software and other literary or artistic nature which need to be copyrighted separately to secure intellectual property right arising out of specializated and expertise skills. Thus, it clarifies that you can get copyright for specific part rather than complicating it for complete website. It does not cover publication of facts known to all but if such fact is specified in a creative or unique way; you need to register it to maintain original expression. It also legalized quoting few lines as fair use in the court of law. It is wise to register your work under Act to provide expediency and authenticity of the work and prevent others making profit out of the illegal transmission of the work through following such procedure mentioned above.


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