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Health is Wealth: Mental Health

Healthy mind=Healthy Body

Lately, a lot of people started to talk about mental health and its importance. Covid-19 made people go down the memory lane and think about different aspects of their life, some thoughts made them glee and some made them sob. Human thoughts are very powerful, and each thought that we experience in a day changes a bit of our life. But how should we control our thoughts and mind to make our life better? And is it really possible to control our thoughts?

Apparently, our education system teaches us everything from history to geopolitics, but it does not teach us about our minds, our thoughts, and how our thoughts and mind can influence every bit of our lives. when a child hits adolescence he/she starts experiencing different types of thoughts, his/her mind goes crazy in search of answers, and at that time parents don’t make sense to them. Slowly life throws different experiences at them to seek knowledge and wisdom, but some find it hard to handle and grow older with it and later find themselves stuck again somewhere in their life, a lot of them survive with their constant mind ramblings, but few decide to end their life.

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In this tech-savvy competitive world, where news is on fingertips, social media reflects more about a person’s life and personality than their actual “real life”. People start comparing themselves to others, lose their self-worth, doubt themselves, and forget to live like a carefree baby. Technological development came indeed to help people and make their life easier but somewhere it left some scars too.

Mental health affects our overall psychological well-being. Mental and physical health have a nexus, in this faster life, people need to start to focus more on mental health to live a healthier and peaceful life. Thoughts are momentary and you can definitely empower over them.

One of the great ways to do it is “meditation”, initially, it’s going to be hard as you’ll deal with a lot of unnecessary thoughts crossing your mind, but with the time you will learn to focus and use your energy towards right things. Meditate just after you wake up, and in the evening sit in silence for 10 mins smiling through your heart, mind, and liver ?

Small changes in life can change your perspective towards your life, this life is meant to earn more love, happiness, and experiences. But at times when you lose your way and don’t know the next step then it’s completely okay too. There are your professional friends to help you and to listen to you, reach out to them. By professional friends, I mean the therapist. Feed it in your mind that “it’s okay to see a therapist”. you are not alone in this, there are people who really want to help you to find your way again and fly free. YOUR MENTAL PEACE IS MORE IMPORTANT.

Stay safe and healthy, may you come out like a warrior from the pandemic we are all facing TOGETHER.

Muskan Kukrejahttps://thelawexpress.com
Muskan is a 1st Year B.B.A. LL.B Law Student at Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, NMIMS, Mumbai.


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