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Future of OTT Platforms after Covid19

Amid the nationwide lockdown, production houses are broadcasting and releasing their movies directly on OTT platforms and have skipped the theatrical window run. Theaters and other multiplexes are articulating their tremendous displeasure and disapproval of this trend in social media and have twitted and solicited the content creators not to get out of the traditional methods. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it has pushed the multiplexes to shut down and due to nationwide lockdown, it has impacted the movie industry a lot.


What does OTT Platforms mean?

Over the top (OTT) refers to film and television content provided by a high-speed Internet connection rather than a cable or satellite usage. OTT does not mean free, as the term encompasses services such as Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and HBO Now are some of the examples, where the person has to either subscribe or to pay to see a particular movie or series.

What would be the future of the online release of the movies?

Now, we have since very started from the movie industry had adopted a theatrical screening for the movie for which people has to buy the tickets and also,
 the lights are going out on live events, shoots, and movie premiers, the only silver lining amidst all this is the rise of the popularity of OTT.
The halting of productions may have dried up the content line, but streaming hasn’t stopped via the OTT platforms across the country. It has been the first time not only in India but in all country that has been affected by the COVID, has put the filmmakers in concern so as, it can be the only solution came out the entertain the people.

Does after COVID 19 will it become a norm to have the online screening of the movies?

The Producers Guild of India responded to the multiplexes ensuring that it ‘would work extensively to get audiences back to theatres once the cinemas reopen. Many moviemakers have said in an interview that like Kerela film production house, Malayalam film production house to take help of digital platforms and online screening of movies.

Also, saying it as a norm, we can say as to cope with coronavirus one major step that people should take together is social distancing and together we can then fight with this virus. now, it will also, help in entertaining people amid lockdown and in the era of social distancing, as to date, we have not yet discovered the vaccine for that.

Mental stress:

We have seen many cases during this lockdown period where people are suffering mentally and due to whole nation shut down they don’t have the work to indulge themselves, so, using the OTT platforms for releasing the movie can be a better option to all, people, whether they are youngsters, teenager, children, parents, etc.

What problems will the movie industry face in the upcoming time?

The main problem the industry can face is a financial problem, we can say that most people will not subscribe and mainly do not waste the money and in return, they are getting a small screening of the movie . It will make a people couch potato that is looking at the television all the time. people will become lethargic and will always desire to get the things served in this lockdown period.
Moreover, the movie directors will face a problem with Box Office Collection, where they can face a situation like how much money was used to make the movie it does not meet the expectation and also, sometimes does not seems to make a profit. Moreover, we can say the online release of movies in OTT platforms can be sometimes better and at the same time is not good.


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