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Essay Competition on “Domestic Violence – The Shadow Pandemic” organised by LawSoc NLSIU

The Law and Society Committee (LawSoc) and the Centre for the Women and the Law (CWL), of NLSIU, Bangalore are inviting submissions on the subject of Domestic Violence – The Shadow Pandemic.’ Submissions may be made in English, Hindi or Kannada.

Apart from prize money, the best submissions would also be considered for the publication in The Gender Human Rights and Law, an annual journal that is published by the CWL.

About the Organizers

LawSoc is a Activity-Based Committee under the Constitution of the Student Bar Association, NLSIU. The Committee’s area of interest is conducting and facilitating research and activities regarding the convergence of legal and social areas.

CWL was set up in the very inception of the National Law School in 1988. The CWL endeavors to look at legislation and the legal procedure from the perspective of gender justice and administer programs directed towards equal justice for women in Indian Society.

One of its various actions CWL also publishes an Yearly journal to to provide information on the development of law through judicial decisions and statutes for all those agencies working on women’s issues and for the empowerment of girls

In the light of the increasing incidents of domestic violence throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, the CWL will publish a pecial book dedicated to this situation. The best submissions received for the contest would come across a place in this special publication.


The competition has been organized for the majority of students pursuing recognized Faculties and undergraduate degrees in law, public policy and social sciences. Submissions are also encouraged from researchers, practitioners and faculty.


The broad theme for the competition is ‘Domestic Violence – the Shadow Pandemic’. The organizers are looking for contextually relevant, multidisciplinary and clear expositions and critical analysis of the contemporary challenges under following sub-themes-

  • Analyzing the utility of Domestic Violence Act in light of contemporary pandemic.
  • Review of cases impacting the current framework of laws against Domestic Violence.
  • Socio-legal mechanisms to combat the newly emerged challenges of domestic


  • Understanding the impact of gender and differences in challenges faced by various

    groups in pandemic.

Important Dates

  • Interested participants can register themselves for the competition latest by 3rd May 2020 by filling this form.
  • The deadline for submitting the essay is 6 PM on 14th May 2020.
  • The results shall be declared within 10 days of the receipt of all the submissions.

Submission Guidelines

  • The submission can be made in English, Hindi or Kannada.
  • The essay should be an original piece of writing with a specific emphasis on well-informed recommendations about resolving this horrendous crisis. Descriptive analysis of the issue of domestic violence from a strictly legal sense should be avoided.
  • Only one essay per author shall be submitted. Multiple or incomplete orplagiarized submissions shall be summarily rejected.
  • Co-authorship to a maximum of two authors is allowed.
  • The word count should range from 1500 to 2000.
  • The author(s) should adhere to the following format:

    1. Font: Times Now Roman

    2. Font size: 12 pt.

    3. Line spacing: 1.5

    4. Citation: any uniform style of citation

  • All submissions should be made in word document via an email to lawsoc@nls.ac.in with the subject ‘Submission: GHRL Essay’.
  • The author(s) are requested to mention a short bio within the body of the email.
  • The author(s) should not mention their institutional affiliation/name in the document itself.


  • First prize: Rs. 3,500
  • Second prize: Rs. 2,500
  • Third prize: Rs. 1,500
  • The best submissions will be published in The Gender Human Rights and Law.

Contact Details

For any queries or clarifications please reach out at lawsoc@nls.ac.in


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