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Different Types of Crimes – Organized Crimes, White Collar Crimes and Terrorism


Organized crime is a category of transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals.”

Generally, these crimes are done by people belonging to an organized crime syndicate. It takes place for the purpose of personal gain and to spread the message of some kind of revolt or rebellion. A typical example of organized crimes would be a terrorist group who have a “personal motive” and are even willing to sacrifice their lives in the name of rebellion because they think that’s what is “right” when it evidently is not.

Some of the characteristics would be that these groups are highly flexible, thus adaptive to change as and when needed. They take advantage of globalization for traveling internationally or fast transaction of finances. Moreover, it affects all states, be it a country of demand or supply.

Some types of Organised crimes would be smuggling, terrorism, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration.


White-Collar crime basically means that people who belong to the upper strata of society commit a crime during the course of their profession. “It is called the crime of educated and professional elite.”

Let us discuss white-collar crime in different fields or professions:

1. In the field of Medicine, white-collar crime would be making a false medical certificate. A lot of times, doctors tend to keep the patient in the hospital longer than required to increase the medical bill, it also constitutes a crime.

2. In the field of law, forgery or perjury is said to be a white-collar crime. A lot of times, lawyers might threaten the witness, thus violating the ethical code of conduct, making it a crime.

3. In the field of education, collecting money for a child’s education name of “donation” is also called a white-collar crime.


In simple words, terrorism constitutes extremely violent acts such as bombing and airplane high jacking for religious or political gain. The history goes as far as the French Revolution which marked the beginning of modern terrorism.

There are various types of terrorism:

1. State-sponsored terrorism: when one state does some kind of terrorist act on another state or government.

2. Dissent Terrorism: When a particular terrorist group goes against their own country or country’s government.

3. Religious Terrorism: These are some of the most common terrorist groups where they are motivated by their religion to commit the crime.

4. Criminal Terrorism: A lot of times, people simply want to contribute to a criminal act or be rebellious in nature, thus giving rise to criminal terrorism.

5. Terrorist- left and the right: This type of terrorist group are driven by their political agendas and ideologies.

Crimes might have various forms or names- be it terrorism, white-collar crime, or any type of organized crime, the motive is to create a toxic and unstable environment. There are various organizations such as United Nations that work towards eradicating such things from the world but it’s very hard to say how long it might take to do so.


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