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Country of Origin Mandatory for Sellers on GeM

According to the statement given by the Ministry of Commerce on Thursday 23 June, it said that to promote self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat) and Make in India initiative, GeM has taken the significant steps.

The online trading platform for the state-run agencies “The government e-Marketplace (GeM) has made mandatory for the sellers to mention country of origin on the products they wish to sell through the trading platform.

GeM Government e Marketplace
GeM Government e-Marketplace

Nirmala Sitharaman (Finance Minister) tweeted on 23 June “information about the country of origin by sellers made mandatory on GeM”.

And also for the sellers who have already uploaded their products on the platform, earlier before the introduction of the new feature of GeM from now have to regularly update the country of origin on respective products and if not done so,  or if fail to update the country of origin on same products warning has been given that their products shall be removed.

Also, a new provision has been promoted by GeM for an indication of the percentage of local content in products. Make in India filter has now been enabled in the GeM, Enabling the local content percentage the buyer can now choose to buy the products which only meet the minimum 50%of local content criteria.

The government is working in every aspect to promote self-reliant India and said last month while releasing the package of Rs. 20 lakh crores. ” the state of the world today teaches us that the Atmanirbhar Bharat is the only path”

The CEO of portal said ” that GeM is continuously working towards the make in India initiative and the portal has facilitated the entry of small local sellers in public procurement.

GeM is also coming up with a more advance feature of the powerful search engine revamped brand and product approval process.

About the portal:

  • Government e-marketplace portal was launched in August 2016.
  • For online purchases of goods and services by all the central government ministers and department.
  • From now the government department and agencies and the public sector can procure the products made by the tribal community from gem
  • Also provides tools for e bidding and auction.
  • GeM has now more than 15lakh products around 20,000 services and 40,000 government organization.
  • It has added 4000 items comprising paintings, handmade showpieces and statues.
  • The portal provides a wide range of including from stationery to vehicles.
  • Services like transportation logistics, waste management webcasting and analytical are listed in the portal it was launched to bring transparency and efficiency in government buying products.
  • Portal is now enabling the quick efficient transparency and cost-effective procurement especially when the world in fighting with COVID.


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