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Bois Locker Room Scandal: Letter petition urges Supreme Court to take up problem on judicial side

Even since the unfolding of this’Bois Locker Room’ scandal exposed the murky details of a sexual harassment network, a letter request by three advocates has urged the Supreme Court to take up the issue on the judicial side.


In their letter, Advocate-on-Record Anand Varma, and Advocates Kaustubh Prakash and Shubhangi Jain have said that while social media platforms have bridged the gap of communication, these incidents prove that”it has turned into a stage of people harassment of women in particular.”

The letter reads,”Anonymity of the accounts has become a simple medium to sabotage whoever you want to and indulge in cyber warfare. It is also an easy platform to be conspicuous and share objectionable, obscene and private photos, chats and other messages” The group”Bois Locker Room” is a group on Instagram allegedly run by teenage boys out of reputed Delhi schools, where objectionable pictures of girls (including underage/minor girls) were being shared, followed by lurid discussions in their bodies.The group also allegedly shared nude/morphed pictures of women and threatened to leak them online.

While drawing the attention of the Court to the episode, the correspondence petitioner seeks the Court intervene on the judicial side.”We ask this dreadful episode be taken up by the Supreme Court on the judicial side to address the multifarious problems arising therefrom. This incident raises the issue of not only privacy, security and well-being of girls, but also of sensitisation and counselling of both juveniles that are participating in such conduct.”

The three advocates have also urged the Supreme Court to intervene because there”may be jurisdictional challenges in pursuing the inquiry and investigation within this offence on account of the nature of the offence such.”Thus,”A directive of the Hon’ble Supreme Court would make sure that such challenges do not become an obstacle in timely question, investigation and adjudication of the allegations (State of West Bengal v. Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights, West Bengal (2010) 3 SCC 571).’

The letter petition further notes that such acts committed by the group members constitute offences under Sections 67 and 67A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and Sections 506, 507, 509, 465 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code. The three lawyers have said that sharing of such obscene and objectionable pictures and vulgar comments by members of this team was reported and brought to light by several girls who maintain personal Instagram accounts.

Shortly after the revelations were created, the women who leaked the screenshots began receiving rape dangers from its own members.”The leak has increased pertinent issues regarding the safety and privacy of women, particularly minor girls, on video and photo sharing platforms. It’s appalling how boys as young as 15 yeas of age glorify rape, discuss methods of raping and gang-raping women and objectifying them in the most horrific way. “Each of the three Supreme Court lawyers who moved the letter petition maintain that the plea has been registered in their personal capacity.


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