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Assam Gas Leak : Massive Blaze at Baghjan Oil Field in Assam

The natural gas is continuously spewing since May 27 in Baghjan oil field in Tinsukia district, Assam. The well of Oil India Limited blew off on May 27 and the gas is leaking incessantly. The accident is causing huge damages and is leaking gas. The smoke from the site could be seen from 10 km of radius.

The Indian Air Force has been helping in firefighting operations. The Indian Army has also reached the place and is in operation. The National Disaster Response Force team was deployed since the time of the gas leak. The gas leak has resulted in a fire on June 9. Two firefighters have lost their lives due to unfortunate incident. The Baghjan well is placed 900 metres from Dibru- Saikhowa National park. The oil well produces around 80,000 standard cubic metres of gas per day. It is seen as one of the most copious gas reservoirs across the country.

Oil well burning in assam
assam gas leak

Causes of the Gas leak

The pressure balance in a well may be disturbed leading to changes in pressure. If these are not controlled in time, the kicks can turn into a sudden blowout. The causes of blowout could range from a simple lack of attention, poor workmanship, bad maintenance, old age, sabotage to morpho-tectonic factors.

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Impact of the Gas leak                         

As many as 1,610 families with 2,500-3,000 people have been evacuated to relief camps. There are reports of deaths of a river dolphin, and a variety of fish. While the administration has kept an ambulance with paramedical staff on standby, locals have complained of symptoms such as the burning of eyes, headache etc.OIL on June 5 had announced to provide immediate financial relief of Rs 30,000 to each of families affected by a major blowout.

Difficulty in controlling the leak                                                 

The control of a blowout depends on two things: the size of the reservoir and the pressure at which the gas/oil is flowing out. This reservoir was particularly difficult to control since it was a gas well and ran the risk of catching fire at any point. While many blowouts automatically collapse on their own, it can take up to months.

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