Home News An applause to Bengaluru’s Model for tackling COVID-19

An applause to Bengaluru’s Model for tackling COVID-19

Whilst the country’s struggle to save itself from the shackles of the pandemic and its drastic effects, Bengaluru’s model of handling the patients is earning praises country-wide. As of 20 June 2020, the country has around 4,00,000 lakhs, where the National Capital has alone 56,700 cases and big cities like Mumbai and Pune have around 65,000 and 15,000 cases respectively. With the spike in the number of cases increasing daily by thousands whole nation is in dire need to take inspiration from Bengaluru’s model of handling the coronavirus outbreak.

The methodology adopted by Bengaluru’s Administration

Bengaluru. Pic Courtesy – TheFederal

With a total population of 20 million people Bengaluru to date records around 830 cases and 50 deaths. One of the lowest stats among the big cities in the country. Since its first case reported on March 9, 2020 health workers and the city’s civic bodies visited people door-to-door, tracking the people coming in contact within 24-hours and instructing them to isolate themselves, has according to health experts resulted in very few cases.

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By using a retrospective tracing of contacts method, officials and workers have traced people who have into primary and secondary contact and have put all of them into institutional quarantine. Not only that, but 6 different applications were also used to track people down or to warn the people about their contacts, analyzing every day the data available from those apps and doing a large number of testing every day, all this has contributed to the success.

Measures for handling Unlock 1.0

There was a surge in the number of cases after the lockdown was lifted but the city’s administration has taken steps to curb the spread as far as possible, by putting some restrictions on hotels and public places, dedicating hospitals especially for coronavirus treatment and other for other diseases, and setting up task forces headed by IAS officers to handle the situation.

With what they could do to minimize the casualties the city’s administration did, other cities must follow the mode before the situation becomes out of control.


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