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All Law Students Except Final Year Students To Be Promoted – BCI

As COVID-19 lockdown disrupts academic calendar, Bar Council of India on 9th June 2020 issued certain guidelines with regard to conducting of online examinations by universities for the students pursuing 3 years LLB and 5 years LLB course. Bar Council of India said All Law students, except final year students, to be promoted on the basis of previous year’s marks and internal marks of the current year.

How the exams will be conducted for the final year students?


The guideline allowed the final year students of the three and five years LLB courses to appear for online examinations. The lawyer’s body clarified that for final year LLB students, the universities may adopt any other appropriate method which they feel is adequate to satisfy the requirements of a regular examination. Under this system, the university may allow students to write a project report/research paper for each paper of the final year or they may adopt a foolproof method to double the internal marks of the semester exams already held for such year.

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What about the students who have been promoted though they haven’t cleared all the papers of the previous year?

In case of final Year LLB students—who have not cleared all papers of previous years and are required to sit in the supplementary examination, but have been promoted to final year—such final year students may be allowed to write a project report or appear in the online examination with regard to the pending/supplementary papers so that they could also pass within the time

What criteria are to be adopted for the students apart from the final years?

All students, except final-year students, will be promoted on the basis of performance of previous year’s marks and marks obtained in the internal examination of the current year. However, BCI clarified that after reopening of campuses, the universities shall conduct the end semester examination with respect to the year from which they have been promoted, within a reasonable period of time, even though such promoted students shall continue to study in the year to which they have been promoted. In case, they are unable to pass/clear any such paper of such end-semester exam of the year from which they have been promoted, they shall have to clear the same before they are granted the degree.

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What further guidelines were issued by BCI for the students’ safety on the college campus?

Directions have been issued to ensure that the University maintains requisite COVID-19  protocol and follows the norms of social distancing on campus and that all classrooms and examination halls are properly sanitized to protect the safety and health of the students. The safety and health of students should not be compromised at any cost. Universities should maintain the highest academic standards while conducting exams.


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